Event 14995

Lucid Dream Tournament

Lucid Dream Tournament

Lucid Dream Tournament
Event location l'AmitiĆ© 19 Rue de Geispolsheim, 67380 Lingolsheim Grand Est, France 
Event date 2024-07-06 – 2024-07-07
Hosted by Ludovic Ludwig Poiret #5067 
Ludovic Ludwig Poiret #5067 
Event size 17 of 24 players
Rated tournament
Registration opens at 8:30 AM
Round 1 begins at 9:00 AM

saturday 8H30 breakfast 9H00 round 1 12H lunch 13H round 2 16H pause 16H15 round 3 19H15 diner Sunday 7H breakfast 7h30 round 4 10H30 pause 10H45 round 5 13H45 lunch 14H30 podium 15H free

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Event details

Tournament points (TP)

This event uses the standard TP table for Malifaux.

Win Loss Draw
3 0 1

Tie breakers

This event uses custom tie breakers.

1st SOS Strength of schedule (Longshanks special)
2nd MOV Margin of victory (Standard)
3rd VPS Victory Points scored

Bye scoring

This event uses standard bye scoring for Malifaux.

Player Phantom
4 2

Player settings

Players may not register for this event
Players may submit game results once the event begins
Players may modify completed games

Event type

Rated Games are included in player ratings
Tournament Structured rounds organized by the event host


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